International excellence of yacht building.
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Press INACE Various Trawler/Expedition yachts 60´to 107´ Steel/aluminium From 1.5 to 6.3 mill.
Press SUNREEF YACHTS 62 Sunreef sail Catamaran sailing yacht 62´ Glass fibre/carbon From EUR 1 mill.
Press SUNREEF YACHTS 70 Sunreef sail Catamaran sailing yacht 70´ Glass fibre/carbon From EUR 1.7 mill.
Press SUNREEF YACHTS 70 Sunreef Power Catamaran power yacht 70´ Glass fibre/carbon From EUR 2.1 mill.
Press SUNREEF YACHTS 75 Sunreef Sportfish Catamaran Sport fisher 75´ Glass fibre/carbon From EUR 2.56 mill.
Press SUNREEF YACHTS 92 Sunreef Sail Catamaran Sailing Yacht 92´ Aluminium/carbon EUR 6.295 mill.
Press HeySea New Asteria 60 Motor yacht 60´ Glas fibre US$ 1.25 mill
Press HeySea Asteria 78 Motor yacht 78´ Glas fibre US$ 1.84 mill
Press HeySea Asteria 82 Motor yacht 82´ Glas fibre US$ 2.13 mill
Press HeySea Asteria 105 Motor yacht 105´ Glass fibre US$ 3.9 mill.
Press HeySea Vista 150 Motor yacht 150´ Steel US$ 15.4 mill.
Press REAL SHIPS RS 57 Expedition Yacht 57´ Steel/alu. Upon request
Press REAL SHIPS RS 67 Expedition Yacht 67´ Steel/alu. Upon request
Press REAL SHIPS RS 77' Expedition Yacht 77' Steel/alu. Upon request
Press YACHTMARINE Atlantica 62 Trawler Yacht 62 Steel from 3 mill.
Press YACHTMARINE Atlantica 77 Trawler Yacht 77 Steel from 4.8 mill.
Press YACHTMARINE Atlantica 85 Trawler Yacht 85 Steel from 5.5 mill
Press ALUBOATS WPC Ferry 22 WPC Catamaran 22m Aluminium From 3.6 mill
Press NZ YACHTS Spirit Megayacht WPC Catamaran 35-50m Composite 19-56 mill
Press CORONET YACHTS Exclusive Riva type Day/weekenders 24-29´ Composite From EUR 97-180K
Press WPC SPESIFICATIONS WPC Catamarans Yacht/Ferry 22m - 52m Composite/Aluminium 3.6 - 56 mill
Press CONRADO YARD Samoa 36 Sailboat 36´ Ply-glass 150K
Press CONRADO YARD Cabo Horn 40 Sailboat 49´ Ply-glass 200K
Press YACHT DESIGNERS International Proven designs Illustrations/plans Cutting files Request quote
Press YACHTING EQUIPMENT On-line catalogue Top brands Tax free Full guarantee Request quote
Press MARKET INTELLIGENCE Superyachts New orders New launches Brokerage Statistics

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