The concept of LIVEAISWORLD and Web VTS is to bring the pleasure of ship spotting to people who would not otherwise be able to do so through the very innovating but for many too complicated use of the only ship spotting program now available called Shipplotter. Shipplotter 'members', many of which are also dedicated radio amateurs, have created a world-wide network of receivers capable of capturing AIS ship data and sharing it with each other through a central server. To become a 'member', you have to purchase the shipplotter program and preferably have your own radio/AIS receiver. Such a setup is very rewarding for a dedicated person with sufficient technical aptitude,time and money to invest.

Web VTS is a sophisticated, yet affordable, web-based marine traffic monitoring system for ports and other organizations interested in monitoring vessel movements in real-time mode.


Brazil is now emerging as an inovative and exciting boat builder at prices you would not believe, often under 50% of prices in the US or Europe for similar craft. Yachtmarine is associated with several top Brazilian building yards producing yachts in the range 40 to 100 feet. Brazil is also a viable option to building boats in China. And that's for a number of great reasons... one being the government support mechanisms in place to support boat builders in this country.


We also provide information and assistance regarding settling and buying property in Brazil. Please read more below ..

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